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Best Swimming Pool Covers Review 2018

“Best Swimming Pool Covers” is a review I have written to help you make the right choice of cover for your swimming pool. Choosing a cover for your swimming pool is something that should be done seriously as it is an investment that will remain with you for many years.

Also, its purpose is to protect the people around it, as well as the pool itself.

This article comes naturally after my “The Best Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners” review which I invite you to visit.

How to choose your pool cover

The significant benefits of your pool cover make it an essential accessory for your pool. A pool cover ensures safety, protection and comfort.The choice of a pool cover will depend on your needs.

Why should you cover your smimming pool?

Covering your pool when not in use is primarily to avoid accidents. The swimming pool cover you are going to install should comply with a  security standard that is recommended, or in force, in your state or country.

With a pool equipped with a blanket, children and pets can stay in the garden safely. For safety around your pool, think about the protective barriers too.

The pool cover protects the water in your pool:

  • during the winter: your pool is not exposed to bad weather, cold, etc.
  • against external pollution: under its cover, the water remains clean.

A pool cover reduces the evaporation of water and preserves its temperature. The cool nights and the wind will have no influence on the water of your pool! A good cover will even help increase the temperature of the water.

The pool cover therefore guarantees some savings in terms of cleaning and heating products, for example.

Which of the best swimming pool covers to choose from?

best swimming pool coversSoft or opaque swimming pool covers, giving priority to safety or the protection of water: each has its advantages. It’s up to you to choose your pool cover, according to your needs and your budget.

  • The net-type pool cover allows water and light to pass through. It only prevents larger pollutants such as leaves and twigs from falling into the pool water.
  • The summer cover, or bubble cover, is put in place on the surface of the pool and keeps the pool water warm. It is also known as solar cover.
  • The wintering cover is put into place during the winter, on the swimming pool when not in use. Your pool must therefore have another safety system for the summer.
  • With a bar pool cover, you get both the benefits of a summer cover and a winter cover: protection against water pollution, safety … The bar cover is a coated canvas PVC maintained by aluminum bars.
  • The automatic cover, or rolling shutter, exists in two types: above ground or under the water. It is an absolute comfort for you, as the automatic cover rolls out and replaces itself on the pool effortlessly. Its solid structure guarantees you a perfectly secure environment.
  • Purchasing a retractor or gear real system can be helpful for convenient storage and simplifies the use of your pool cover.
  • And finally, the revolutionary pool cover, which I am going to review last, but by no means least: the liquid swimming pool cover.

I have selected for you a few solutions, both for the protection of your swimming pool, and for the security of the users. I am going to start from the most popular types.

The summer bubble cover

The bubble cover is a pool cover that is only in use in summer. During the day, it allows to heat the water of your pool thanks to its transparent bubbles which act like a number of little magnifying glasses allowing the sun rays to go through! And at night, it prevents heat loss.

This is an affordable solution for keeping your pool clean and warm during the swimming season. But it is not an answer for a total safety, although some degree of safeness can be expected. For total safety, it will be necessary that you install a pool fence around your pool area. This feature is compulsory in most states and countries now. For this reason, we are going to review at least one of them a bit further down this page.

It is often available in 2 colors:

  • bleu which is the most common color
  • clear (more greyish looking to me)

So, we are going to review a few of them here, starting with…

The Sun2Solar Solar Covers

best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details – The Blue Solar Blanket

This bubble pool cover is normally put into use in summer. During the day, it allows to heat the water of the pool, thanks to its transparent bubbles which has a magnifying effect with the rays of the sun! And at night, it avoids heat loss.


The Sun2Solar solar blanket is built from a layer of thousands of minuscule bubbles, working together to gather and preserve heat during the night as well as on the cooler days. The attractive blue tone renders an pleasant look while making use of the sun-rays to further warm up your pool.


As much as 95% of your swimming pool water evaporation is saved while not savoring a dip, keeping your pool covered in the environment. Fill up your swimming pool less and enjoy it more!


best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details – The Clear Solar Blanket

Impress friends and family with your boldness by diving straight into your swimming pool without doing the usual toe test. Dive into your swimming pool in total confidence as you are aware that the Sun2Solar cover is maintaining the water warm especially for you. It’s easy to put on and take off


After everyone has fully enjoyed their day, cover up your swimming pool in a matter of minutes, effortlessly. Do not waste all of that warmth accumulated during the day as the sun goes down. It ensures that your pool’s temperature does not drop too much during the night, or rainy days.


You have a uniquely shaped swimming pool? No problem, turn the cover over, bubbles facing down towards the water, grab a pair of scissors and shape your cover accordingly. Do not worry about the manufacturer’s warranty, it will have no affect on it, because they know that most people will need to adjust it.

You can have them in various shapes, sizes and colors.

To find out more about the different types, and to place your order for a quick deliver, just click on the button below:

best swimming pool covers


We won’t go into more details on the summer pool covers as there is a vast number of them, basically the same, just differing by their size, shape, color, quality, etc. You will find them all by clicking on the button above. We are going to review a few winter pool covers, as it is also an important part of your swimming pool.

As part of this review of the best swimming pool covers, here is one that I like to introduce to you which sounds to be a good idea. It the…

Bar swimming pool cover

best swimming pool coversThe pool bar cover, also called bar cover or tarpaulin 4 seasons, complies with the current safety standard in  ost countries and protects your pool. It can be used all year round and has the advantages of both a bubble cover and a winter cover. It has the immense advantage of being installed and removed very easily, quickly and effortlessly (nearly). For large models, motorisations are proposed to facilitate the winding.

Highly resistant, the tarpaulin can limit the development of algae, secure your pool, increase the temperature of the water and protect from impurities. Made to measure, you can select the color, the type of fixing, the thickness of the cover.

Having used one of those myself, I can say that, it may be a good idea for a small swimming pool, but if you have a larger pool, the winding of the cover manually will become harder.  In this case you might want to consider investing in the motorised type, which then, as you can guess, increases the price significantly.

For this reason, it is not one that I would place at the top of my recommendations, so we are going to move on to other more popular types of swimming pool covers…

The net-type pool cover

This type of cover allows water and light to pass through. It only prevents larger debris such as leaves and twigs from falling into your swimming pool. It comes in various sizes, colors and wider or tighter mesh netting. Some are intended to be used for in-ground swimming pools, some for above-ground, and some can be used for both. So, make sure that you select the right one for your type of swimming pool.

This type of cover will be suitable if you live in areas with mild winters. If you live in places where you can expect heavy snow in the winter, you will need to invest in a winter cover as well.

It is also often used over a summer or winter cover, which makes it much easier to open up the pool after winter, or during the summer and not to have to deal with the leaves that might have fallen into your swimming pool, and went through your skimmer.

For more information on this type of swimming pool cover, and to place an order, click on the banner below:

Now, going to something more luxurious and very much popular, for the reasons you will understand as we go along. Here is…

The removable pool enclosure: a shelter that can be removed easily and quickly

To cover your pool all year round, you can choose a removable pool enclosure. Very easy to use, it allows to uncover partially or totally your pool by raising the different modules or moving them.

What is a removable pool enclosure?

best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details

A removable pool enclosure consists of several modules that you can move next to your pool, or raise on crutches, to uncover your swimming pool. Each module operates separately. To move the modules of the removable shelter, it is necessary to be two: one person on each side of the pool.

To enjoy your pool all afternoon, put the modules of the removable shelter on top of each other next to the pool. So, your pool is totally uncovered.

You do not want to sunbathe too much, or you want to cut yourself off the wind? Simply elevate the modules of the pool enclosure, if the model of your shelter allows it. Some removable pool shelters have an electrical system to lift the modules.

On the edges or on the swimming pool, your removable pool enclosure does not take up too much space. Removable shelters usually have the shape of a dome (rounded roof), and they are low pool shelters. The removable technology is not suitable for high shelters.

The benefits of the removable pool enclosure

A removable pool enclosure allows great freedom in the use of your pool. Here are some of the  advantages:

  • The removable shelter is lightweight and easy to handle, module by module. You can cover and uncover your pool very easily.
  • It is one of the most economical solutions to cover your pool all year round.
  •  The warming of the pool water is more efficient with a low shelter. Moving or raising the modules often does not make it easy for the water to warm up. The removable swimming pool shelter nevertheless allows to preserve the temperature of the pool during the night.
  • This low pool shelter is discreet and does not change the overall appearance of your bathing area.

The removable flat pool enclosure

Removable technology also exists for flat pool shelters. These are not just low shelters, they are totally flat. They are more like a pool cover.

A removable flat pool enclosure is simple to use, and above all very aesthetic and discreet. It covers the pool with transparent modules that you can lift or stack on top of each other. You uncover your pool as you wish. You can not swim under a removable flat pool enclosure. It is used to cover the pool when it is not used, or used in part (only one half for example).

A flat pool enclosure can be removable or motorized. Other shelters (low or high) can be fixed, telescopic or sliding. There are also retractable pool shelters, just as convenient as the removable ones.

Lift-up or retractable pool enclosure

The lift-up pool enclosure is an economical shelter that is easy to handle. You can uncover just part of your pool, or all of it, by taking off the modules of your choice.

What is a lift-up pool enclosure?

best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details

The lift-up pool enclosure is made of several modules that you can open like a car hood. The module rests on a support and thus uncovers part of the pool. The lift-up pool enclosure is installed on the edge of the pool or on the poolside. It is an ideal swimming pool shelter if you have little space around your pool.

You can swim in the pool under the shelter modules that are raised. Lift-up modules can also be removable: you can move them next to your pool to fully uncover your pool.

The lift-up pool shelter allows you to preserve the quality of your pool water, but above all to secure your pool. It must comply with the legal standard for swimming pool enclosures of your state or country, if applicable.

Cover your pool by “closing” the shelter modules once swimming is over. Thus, your pool will not suffer the effects of wind or temperature drops at night. And also, you avoid any risk of someone falling into the pool.

Types of lift-up pool shelters

Low or semi-high pool shelters can be raised. This is not possible with a high pool enclosure.

The materials used to design a lift-up shelter are lightweight materials such as polycarbonate for the glazing (instead of glass) or aluminum for the structure (instead of wood).

A lift-up pool enclosure is generally less expensive than a telescopic or sliding pool enclosure. It is a simpler technology to implement, and the materials used are the least expensive on the market.

Opt for an economical and practical swimming pool shelter: the lift-up pool enclosure can suit different pools. To find out more about the lift-up pool shelters and to place your order at the best price, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers


The most common solution to limit the energy consumption of a pool is to lay a solar blanket or to install a shutter to minimize the evaporation of water responsible for the majority of energy losses. You can then opt for traditional systems such as shutters or pool shelters that are reliable solutions, but relatively expensive.

Cover Free offers you another adapted, ecological and economical solution…

The Natural Chemistry Cover Free

Click on the image above for more details

The natural chemistry Cover Free  is a 100% biodegradable product that forms a layer of just 1 to 2 molecules thick on the surface of the water. Since this product has a higher boiling temperature than the water in a swimming pool or pond, it slows the evaporation of water, considerably limiting heat loss.

Thanks to its unique composition, the Cover Free liquid cover adheres to the surface of the water without forming droplets and constitutes a uniform mono layer that will be broken when it is active in the water before reforming to protect your swimming pool again. The Cover Free cover is 100% biodegradable and decomposes after 48 hours.


A low dose of Cover Free product is enough to create an effective coverage. The exact dosage however depends on the type of swimming pool or swimming pond you have. For example, a pool equipped with a skimmer will require less product than an infinity pool. The Cover Free dosing system automatically creates a layer of product that fits your swimming pool or pond, saving you a lot of worries.

A liquid cover has many advantages. For example, it saves energy, ensures a constant water temperature, avoids the evaporation of chemicals or better controls the humidity of the air and therefore avoids inconveniences related to a bathing area that is too humid.

The Cover Free cover is suitable for all indoor or outdoor pools, large or small, traditional or overflow (it will be necessary to adjust the dosage depending on your type of swimming pool and filtering system), and can also be combined with a mechanical cover for optimal results!

With the Cover Free cover, you will save energy on many fronts:

  • It limits heat loss due to evaporation and absorbs solar energy, allowing you to consume less energy to heat your pool
  • It reduces the formation of moisture, allowing you to consume less electricity to dry the air
  • The liquid pool cover also works as a solar

The Cover Free product is available in containers of different sizes ranging from 2 to 30 liters.

For more information and to place your order for this wonderfully economical product, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers

Pool security fencing and alarms

Owning  a swimming is having a lot of pleasure, but we must be aware that these hours of relaxation could turn to a real nightmare. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safety around the pool. I have selected a number of safety solutions and alarm systems that are easy to install and are very affordable. In another section of my website, I am briefly reviewing a few swimming pool alarms, but here I will get into them in more details as well as fencing.

Your swimming pool security fencing

In many countries, the law obliges the swimming pool owners to secure their pool to avoid accidents, falls and drowning. Among the approved safety devices, we find the pool fences. These railings come with different types of fasteners, designs, in different materials and in different colors and finishing. The pool safety gates are reliable and prevent any access to the pool, provided that the height and characteristics of the gates are in accordance with the accepted standards of your country or state. Finally, pool elements and gates are inexpensive overall and allow you to secure your pool at a lower cost.

So, let’s start with…

The Giantex In-Ground Swimming Pool Safety Fence Section

best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details

It is made of light bur sturdy aluminum tubing, very light and can rolled up when pool is not in used; in winter for example, when your swimming pool is fitted with its winter cover. When rolled up, it can easily fit in a storage place.

  • Especially designed to prevent any possible accidental drowning. This safety fencing will not permit pets, children or toys to go through.
  • This security fence can very easily be installed, removed and reinstalled in just minutes, by one single person.
  • Each section is 4 ft. high by 12 Ft. which can easily be shortened in order to fit your swimming pool area exactly as you need it, no matter what shape it is, and can be interconnected.

A DIY kit comes complete with all the fittings and setting up manual.

For more details and to order your kit now, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers


Then we have…

The GLI 30-0410-BLK 4′ x 10′ IG Safety Removable Fence

best swimming pool covers
Click on the image above for more details

It has just about the same specifications as the above with just a difference being that the sections are 4 ft by 10 ft, so again,

  • It is made of light bur sturdy aluminum tubing, very light and can rolled up when pool is not in used; in winter for example, when your swimming pool is fitted with its winter cover. When rolled up, it can easily fit in a storage place.
  • Especially designed to prevent any possible accidental drowning. This safety fencing will not permit pets, children or toys to go through.
  • This security fence can very easily be installed, removed and reinstalled in just minutes, by one single person.
  • Each section is 4 ft. high by 10 Ft. which can easily be shortened in order to fit your swimming pool area exactly as you need it, no matter what shape it is, and can be interconnected.

A DIY kit comes complete with all the fittings and setting up manual.

For more details and to order your kit now, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers

Your swimming pool security alarm

If you install an alarm, it will set off a sounding signal when it detects the presence of something, a person, or an animal in the water or near the pool, when it is not supposed to be used.

You can opt for a submerged alarm, which triggers when a person falls into the water for example. I have seen some swimming pool fitted with this type alarm which went off in the event of some strong wind creating waves on the surface of the water.

Or for a perimeter alarm, which is triggered when a person crosses the perimeter established by 4 terminals. Note that this system has several limitations, including not to prevent access to the pool, but also to trigger in the presence of animals.  It is therefore preferable that this system be installed in addition to another.

Anyway, the alarms must imperatively meet the security standards in force in your state or country.

I am going to start with the review of a couple of submerged security alarms:

Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System

  • This submerged swimming pool alarm system will sound if tampered with or if a child attempts to displace it

    best swimming pool covers
    Click on the image above for more details

  • Your kit will arrive with a remote receiver which you can mount in convenient place in your home as far as 200 ft. away from the main unit
  • It will automatically sounds the alarm in the event of your child or pet fall into your swimming pool when not under the supervision of an adult or responsible person
  • If the alarm goes off it will not stop until you turn off the alert. You can stop the alarm by different means: with a remote control, directly on the alarm control pad with by keying a code, or from the control receiver you have installed in your home
  • This type of swimming pool alarm is very reliable, easy to install and sets up in minutes, and the price is very much affordable

To find our more and to secure your order now, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers

The Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System

    • It is NSF Certified to ASTM F2208 as required for swimming pool alarms

      best swimming pool covers
      Click on the image above for more details

    • The electronic sensors will detect if any child, pet, or other intruder enters the pool
    • Your remote receiver will sound if your swimming pool alarm is activated (wireless ranging up to 100 feet)
    • The alarm will detect the presence of any objects weighing 18 pounds / 8.5 kilograms or more
    • The receiver is powered by 110V A/C or a 9 volt battery

Your swimming pool safety alarm package includes a user manual which will guide you in installing and operating it. I is absolutely necessary that you follow the setup and care instructions in order to ensure that the system operates correctly and that your pool is totally safe.

To find our more and to secure your order now, click on the button below ⬎

best swimming pool covers


Why and how to winterize your swimming pool?

When the cold season arrives, the winterizing of a swimming pool makes it possible to preserve the water and the installations until the return of the nice days. Depending on the region where you live, you will have to choose between 2 different winter pooling techniques: passive winterizing or active winterizing, each of which requires special maintenance procedures.

Winterize your pool to preserve the water and equipment

When winter is approaching and the swimming season is sadly over, the pools are no longer in use. But it is out of the question to empty them and leaving them without water all winter!

Aside from some exceptional cases, one should never completely empty a pool (especially for a long time). Indeed, an empty pool is a pool that will suffer the full pressure of the terrain surrounding it. With the risk that the basin moves or unearths, that the walls crack, that the coating is damaged …

So, rather than emptying the pool, it is necessary to winterize your pool for the winter months; an operation that not only protects the structure and the coating, but also will conserve the water of your pool during the winter … for reuse when spring returns.

When to winterize your pool? The importance of water temperature

The winterizing of your swimming pool is an exact science, which leaves very little room for the unexpected. Thus, as soon as the water temperature drops below 12 ° C / 54 ° F and it remains constant, it is time to think about the winterizing of your swimming pool.

The threshold of 12 ° C / 54 ° F was obviously not chosen at random: it is a threshold from which algae and other microorganisms can no longer develop.

Similarly, it is better not to winterize your pool too early to ensure that the water retains its quality. But be careful not to wait too long: if winter arrives too quickly, frost can cause some serious damages.

That’s why it is relevant to refer to the threshold of 12 ° C / 54 ° F to put the pool in winter mode!

How to winterize your pool: the different winterizing techniques

Knowing why and when to winterize your swimming pool is a first step … but to make sure that it goes safely through the winter, you also need to know how to winterize your pool properly!

As such, there are 2 different swimming pool winterizing techniques: the active winterizing, and the passive winterizing methods.

The active winterizing is a winterizing method of idling your pool, running the filtration for a few hours a day, and maintaining the pool.

It is opposed to the passive winterizing, a winterizing technique that does not require any maintenance, since it involves putting the swimming pool completely out of action during the winter!

How to choose your pool winterizing technique?

In fact, the choice between the active or the passive winterizing techniques depends primarily on the weather.

In reality, the number one enemy of pools in winter is freezing: when the water starts to freeze in the pipes or equipment, it swells, it becomes denser … at the risk of bursting the pipes !

This is why pool owners located in cold regions and where winters are “at risk” must opt ​​for the passive winterizing of their pool, and put it completely dormant for a few months.

The active winterizing technique is reserved for areas where winters are mild enough, or the swimming pools are equipped with a heating system that do not fear frost!

Here is a short video that will show how to inexpensively winterize your pool. But you will find more details as you continue with this article:


The passive winterizing of a swimming pool, when the swimming pool is at a standstill

During a passive winterizing, the pool will remain dormant throughout the winter, which will result in the cessation of filtration; cleaning and maintenance of water and the pool … nothing easier in terms of maintenance!

However, this winterizing technique requires a rather demanding protocol to be implemented:

  • A thorough and thorough cleaning of the pool.
  • A shock treatment of water so that it is perfectly healthy.
  • The drop in the water level.
  • Drain and winterize the filtration system of the pool so that water does not freeze and degrade the equipment.
  • The addition of a winter anti-algae and anti-limescale product to protect the water and the pond
  • The installation of winterizing accessories (gizmos, floats, corks, wintering flask …) to prevent the frost from degrading equipment.
  • The establishment of a wintering cover.

Active winterizing of the pool when the pool is idling

The so-called active winterizing technique involves maintaining water filtration during the winter season, but at a fairly slow pace, averaging around 2h / day. Active overwinterizing is easier to implement than passive overwinterizing, since it simply requires:

  • To pour a winterizing product into the pool at the beginning of winter (and if necessary to renew the operation).
  • Check the pH and the equilibrium of the water regularly.
  • Create movements in the water to avoid freezing (by opening the skimmers for example).
  • Set the frost protection box to start the pump automatically when the pool water reaches a certain temperature (also in order to avoid freezing).

With active winterizing,  it is not mandatory to cover the pool with a winter cover: ideal to continue to enjoy it, at least visually, during the long winter evenings!

Maintenance of a pool in winter: do not forget the winter cover

It is a fact: the maintenance of a pool in winter requires much less work than in summer when it is used! However, it must be kept in mind that whichever the swimming pool winterizing technique is chosen, there will be some maintenance to be performed.

Indeed, in case of active winterizing, it is still advisable to ensure a regular maintenance of the swimming pool: to check the pH, the rate of disinfectant, to empty the baskets of the skimmers, to clean the pool, without forgetting to create movements of water to avoid freezing.

And even if the passive wintering is less demanding in terms of maintenance, it is still advisable to monitor the color of the water from time to time, and especially to remove debris from the plants, snow and / or the rain piled up on the winter cover to prevent it from sinking and getting damaged under their weight.


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24 thoughts on “Best Swimming Pool Covers Review 2018”

  1. Great article, and really covers a lot of pool options and issues with safety. What type of cover would you recommend for an in-ground lazy-L-shaped pool which can only be used about 5 months (or less) out of the year? We had a trampoline cover on it for several years, but it ripped in a few places, and it also had the drawbacks of letting in a lot of dirt and pollen over the winter months. Also, a pool safety fence seems like a good idea, but how sturdy is it? It looks as though a child or a large animal (deer?) might be able to just push it over. Do you know anything about how the safety fences are secured?

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Abbee. As your pool is in an L shape (and it is the same for those who own an odd shaped pool), I would recommend either the Giantex In-Ground Swimming Pool Safety Fence or the GLI 30-0410-BLK 4′ x 10′ IG Safety Removable Fence. They are very easy to install. As for your trampoline cover, I would suggest that you replace it. Get one from the same makers of the original one. I could suggest that you buy a net cover, if that would be a cheaper option, but because your pool is in a L shape, you would be better off replacing the trampoline cover.

      So, a pool safety would be the answer for you. It is intended to keep children and pets off the pool when not supervised by an adult. It is built strong enough and high enough to prevent a child from climbing over it, as for large animals (wild?), it is really not made for the purpose of preventing attacks from a deer for example. For that, your property should be fenced accordingly. Each set of pool safety fence comes with the needed fittings for erection which may differ from maker to maker, but they should have been tested and approved by the standard regulations of your area. Those that I am reviewing and suggesting are approved.

      I hope to have clarified a few issues and I look forward to answering more questions that you may have.

      John ツ

  2. Hi there. Thank you for your article on the pool covers and winterizing the pool. We live in Canada so we just cover it and leave it.
    My questions for you (there are a couple, sorry)
    I was wondering about the lift up enclosure and if it acts as a solar blanket? Are the bubble covers insulated?
    Before the winter cover, do you drain some of your pool water out and does the cover go on the outside of the rail then? Do you draw it tight or let it rest on the water?
    With the pool alarms, how loud are they? Would I hear them from outside or only in the house?
    Thanks again for the article. I love the shelters but can’t afford one!

    • Thanks very much for your visit to my website and for your questions Jill. I am not too sure if I understand your first question well but I will attempt to give you an answer, if I am out of it, please do not hesitate to contact me again. The lift up enclosure type will not require any other sort of protection, winter or summer. It acts a bit like a greenhouse, when closed, the sun rays will keep the inside warm. You can open as many elements that you wish according to the desired inside temperature, then close it off in the evening so that the temperature is kept in (at least a lot of it).

      Depending on the type of bubble cover you select, some bubble swimming pool covers are insulated; they include a thin layer of insulating material sandwiched in between the two layers of plastic linings of bubbles.

      When winterising your swimming pool, I would recommend that you drain out a little bit of your water just in case you have a lot of rain during your winter, but not too much because you will need to run your filtering system from time to time even in winter, especially if your winters are very cold like in Canada, to avoid damaging your system due to frozen pipes and equipment.

      Yes, your cover will go on the outside of your railings and let it rest lightly on the water surface.

      As for the swimming pool alarms, they are set in such a way so that you can hear it sound loud enough from the inside of your house and out and about in your garden, without being too loud to the point that it would hurt your ears, something like a car alarm.   

      I hope to have answered your questions Jill, but let me know if you have any more.

      John ツ

  3. The summer solar bubble swimming pool cover is an interesting idea. To me, though, it actually sounds like a good cover to use in the cooler months (not winter), to warm the water up when the weather is not hot. You may not want the water any warmer during summer than what it naturally is. It really like this idea though.

    I’m also quite interested in the net cover, as my pool gets a lot of leaves blow into it, as well as debris from the palm trees that surround it.

    Great list you have here with lots of details.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for commenting on my “Best Swimming Pool Covers Review” Darren. Yes, of course, depending on where you live, you might prefer to have a net cover instead of a summer bubble cover. The bubble cover is more suitable for areas where you might need to keep the temperature gained during the hot day when your nights are rather cool. But, yes, if your main purpose is to protect your pool from falling leaves and debris, then just the net cover will suffice during the summer.

      I wish you lots of pleasure with your swimming pool.

      John ツ

  4. Steve & Kris says:

    I have been considering a pool cover, but I have a couple of reservations. We have an in ground pool that is kidney shaped. It’s considered a “play pool” since it is only 5’6″ deep in the middle at the deepest point. We live in Arizona, and these pools are very common. We did have a bubble cover at one point, to help extend the season. Yes, even in the desert, the pool is frigid in the winter. The problems I had, it was a pain to take off and put on. Then when the season was over, I had to store it somewhere. Do you have any recommendations on how to clean the bubble cover itself? Also are there any rollers out there I could buy that would make it easier to get the cover on and off?

    • Hi Steve and Kris,

      An odd shaped pool is always very nice to have, but as you know it has its inconveniences, and they may be many. Your first question, about how to clean your bubble cover. I am assuming that you have space to lay it down on your lawn, or on your dive way if you don’t have a lawn, then get it wet with a garden hose for example, then fill a bucket with warm water and add a squirt of dish washing liquid or a little bit of washing powder. After that with a soft broom or a mop, wash your bubble cover gently, and then rince it properly. Then you can put it back on your pool, no need to let it dry, unless you want to store it away.

      As for a roller that could be useful to roll your cover on and off, unfortunately, as far as I know, you will not find one that will work on that sort of shape, so you will have to continue doing it manually. Unless some of my readers can help you with an idea.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ

  5. It’s good to see all these swimming pool covers. I live in a small apartment complex, and there is a pool without cover. Every time I take the kids to swim, we have to skim off a lot of leaves from the water. I am glad I read this article because I need to share it with the strata committee. Only a few weeks ago, we were discussing covers for the pool. I am sure they will appreciate this review. In particular, I like the Sun2Solar.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “Best Swimming Pool Covers Review” Carol. Yes, it must be annoying to always have to skim off the leaves out of the pool before you and your kids can jump in. And of course, those coming after you don’t have to do it.

      So yes, if you could get your committee to agree with getting one of those covers, it would be wonderful for all of you. As you have seen, they are very affordable and will last for years.

      I would be most grateful if you would share the link to my review as you never know, they might be interested in other equipment for the community.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ

  6. Hi. I never realised there were so many options for covering the pool.
    I can imagine that vegetation and dust must cost quite a lot to remove so there is definitely a saving in covering the pool.
    The Sun2Solar concept is absolutely brilliant.
    A double whammy because it keeps the pool clean and heats it up during the day as well.
    How is it stored when not in use?
    If there is limited space, it would be handy if it rolled up.
    This article is a whole eBook on Pool Maintenance.
    A great help.

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my best swimming pool covers review HappyB. The bubble pool cover is certainly the cheapest way to protect your pool while keeping it at a pleasant temperature, which also can extend your swimming period by a couple of months each year. It is easy to install and to trim to fit your swimming pool perfectly.

      In order to make it easy for you to put it on in the evening and to remove it in the morning, as well as to store it away for the winter, I would suggest that you invest in a swimming pool cover reel up. You can get one from Amazon. There a very good one at a very special price at the moment here:

      Let me know if you need some help in making your choice for the best combination to fit your needs.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ

  7. Great article! I love all the different options and the details that you gave for each option. The removable enclosure option would have to be my favorite. I also love the The Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System. Where we live we have to have a 6 foot fence, but I think people should also have one of these as well. Thanks for all the information.

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for posting your views on my best swimming pool covers review Fred. Yes, there are some very attractive and useful pool covers available these days.

      Concerning security, it very much depend on the ruling in your state or country, and your good sense. A six foot fence around your property will certainly protect your responsibility against outsiders jumping into your pool and drowning, but it won’t work for one of your children or pet falling into your swimming pool. So, for that reason, a simple and very affordable alarm system such as the Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System you are mentioning would be your best option.

      I wish you much pleasures with your swimming pool Fred, and I look forward to your visits again soon.

      John ツ

  8. Great article! I love all the different options and the details that you gave for each option. The removable enclosure option would have to be my favorite. I also love the The Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System. Where we live we have to have a 6 foot fence, but I think people should also have one of these as well. Thanks for all the information.

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my best swimming pool covers review Fred. The removal enclosure is a good choice, although not for every purse, it is by far my favorite and most appreciated by many users. Okay, you have a 6 foot fence, but if it is around your entire property, it is not of much use as far as safety is if your have kids and/or pets. Your thinking about adding a submerged alarm system is a good one and your choice for the Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System is a clever one. It is a cheaper and reliable option.

      Let me know if you need some advice in your choice for the best combination to fit your requirements.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ

  9. Thank you so much for your review which has reminded me the importance of having a pool cover to avoid accidents.
    It certainly reminds me of a tragic incident which occurred involving someone I knew who drowned in a pool while having a swim.
    After reading this review, I feel if the owner had an adequate cover for the pool, this could have been prevented.
    The incident happened in Africa, do you think the Sun2Solar Solar Covers could have been the best option?

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Zegu, and for sharing your sad experience on my “Best Swimming Pool Covers Review”. Unfortunately, the Sun2Solar Solar Cover would have had very little chance of saving the life of this most unfortunate person. This cover is intended for keeping the water at a good temperature during the night. 

      What would have saved his/her life would have been the IG Safety Removable Fence  or, even better with, the Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System 

      Both are reviewed in detail on my website, so if you have a swimming pool, make sure to buy the right piece of equipment to go with it.

      Let me know if you have any questions and need any advice for making the right choice.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

  10. I never realized there were so many types of pool covers. Ours tore last winter and we have been looking for a new one. The descriptions and benefits of each was very helpful and I like the visuals. I also liked the idea of pool enclosures and bubbles. It would be a good idea for our pool.

    • Thanks for stopping by to my website and for commenting Linda. The swimming pool enclosure is definitely my favorite. If you opt for this one you will not need the bubble blanket, unless of course, you want to keep your pool opened all through the summer, then you might need the bubble blanket to prevent your pool from losing temperature during the night.

      Let me know if you need any help in making a choice Linda.

      Is your pool rectangular, or of an odd shape?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      John ツ

  11. Hi John,

    We live in Canada where electricity and water are expensive so keeping a swimming pool covered in summer is very important.
    Our pool is odd-shaped, triangular with an extended oval under the diving board. We used to have a solar bubble blanket but it was difficult to put on and take off due to the odd shape. Also after a few years, the plastic deteriorated and small pieces of it flaked off into the water, the filter, and the pump.
    What do you think of the chemical type pool blankets that claim to prevent water evaporation? You just put a few drops on the surface of the water every couple of days.


    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Ed. Having an odd-shaped swimming pool seems a good idea at first, but it has several inconveniences, as you have discovered with your bubble blanket. As I was reading your comment I thought that writing a review on chemical pool blankets would be a good idea, so thanks to you, I just did, as it is a great product for odd-shaped swimming pool owners like you, or any shaped swimming pools even . You can find the review just under the lift-up shelters on the Best Swimming Pool Covers Review page. 

      The product I have reviewed is The Natural Chemistry Cover Free which is sold on Amazon and it is really, really good.

      I hope that this will solve your problem and if you do go for it, we would appreciate it very much if you would share your experience with us here.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

  12. John,

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.


    • You are most welcome Ed. I hope that you find what you need, but if you need any help making your choice please do contact me.

      John ツ

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